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Malata Z Pad - Android 2.2 Dual Core Tablet 10 Inch - Buy Android Pads

The Malata Z Pad is the powerful and stylish Android tablet for those who want to get the most out of their touch screen tablet computer.

With a dual core Cortex A9 1Ghz processor and a beautiful 10.1 inch multi-touch capacitive touch screen, the Malata Z Pad is all about power, performance and style. The Malata Z Pad comes complete with the fantastic Android 2.2 OS, which brings the user a fast, refined and exciting touch screen tablet experience. From games and web browsing, to HD video and instant messaging, the Malata Z Pad can comfortably handle it all.

For those who believe that bigger is better, the Malata Z Pad’s 10.1 inch crystal clear touch screen display will be sure to please. The 10.1 inch multi-touch capacitive touch screen on the Malata Z Pad is responsive and smooth, making browsing and navigating around the device an absolute dream. With the brilliantly refined Android 2.2 OS you can access the Android Market, choose from hundreds of thousands of games and apps all of which can be downloaded directly to your powerful Malata Z Pad capacitive touch screen tablet. Whether you want Angry Birds to help keep you entertained on the bus to work, Facebook and Twitter apps, or E-Books to read whilst relaxing in a coffee shop, you’ll find them all to download onto your Malata Z Pad right there on the Android Market.

Posted on Dec 5, 2011

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