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Dropad - 7" Android 2.3 Tablet Samsung Cortex-A8 - Buy Android Pads

Dropad -7″ Capacitive Android 2.3 Tablet Samsung Cortex-A8: Introducing this tablet pc “Dropad” that is a 7 inch Android 2.3 Tablet will impress you in every way with its tons of amazing features for an amazing price. The latest and awesomest tablet around that comes with Android 2.3, Sumsung 1.2Ghz CPU, WiFi, a 7 inch capacitive touch screen, HDMI output, Camera, 3G extend support and powerful hardware to make it all happen. This tablet pc offers you the best way to experience the web, email, media, Ebooks, games, and everything else!. This Android 2.3 Tablet comes with a set high tech attributes that every PC tablet user desires.

Samsung Cortex A8 1.2GHz CPU, with built-in 3D graphics acceleration:
The Samsung Cortex A8 is well renowned for its reliability, performance, 3D graphics acceleration, and high clock speed. Introduce an 7 inch 5-point capacitive touch screen into the mix, and you’ll have a top class Android 2.3 tablet that is perfect for any application.

The 1.2GHz CPU and 3D graphics acceleration enables all the on-board functions and features such as high definition visual display, playing 3D games, going online, downloading app, Android UI customization, and much more to perform brilliantly.

Posted on Dec 9, 2011

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