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CellDroid - 7 Inch Touchscreen Android 2.2 Tablet Phone - Buy Android Pads

CellDroid – 7 Inch Touchscreen Android 2.2 Tablet Phone

This is the cheapest tablet pc with phone call function (GSM quad bands), can work all over the world. It supports GSM SIM card internet: GPRS, anywhere you can go to internet via SIM card even though there don’t have any WIFI hot spot available.

The 7 inch resistive touch screen is a highly responsive “two point touch” display and supports the popular pinch and zoom function, which is a fantastic feature, particularly for web browsing.

This low priced Android 2.2 Tablet comes with all the essentials while keeping the price low, giving you the best of both aspects (cost & features)! With this Android Tablet you get hardware & software features such as:

  • Phone Call function (GSM quad bands: 850/900/1800/1900MHz).
  • WM8650, High-performance 800MHZ CPU
  • +300MHZ DSP (Digital Signal Processor)
  • 7 Inch touch screen (with pinch and zoom), makes web browsing and playing games much easier
  • Wi-Fi, everything is greater with Wi-Fi, this allows instant and fast connectivity to the world wide web!
Posted on Dec 13, 2011

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